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Thursday, August 11th 2022

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Calgary to Budapest, Hungary | $849 roundtrip including taxes

The famous baths of Budapest, Hungary

Just a heads up that this week's 'Wild Wednesday' deal from Air France and KLM is from Calgary to Budapest, Hungary (BUD) for $849 roundtrip including taxes.

If you haven't heard of these Wild Wednesday deals before, it's because:
A) they're relatively new
B) they're usually from Toronto or Montreal.
Sadly, Western Canada is usually ignored. Maybe this signals a change.

Every Wednesday, for the past few months, Air France and KLM have been dropping the price of one destination, from one city, often at a fairly significant discount. I've been watching them for a while, but this is the first one to be offered from Calgary.

The Wild Wednesday claim of '40% off the usual price' is often 'wildly' exaggerated. But in this case I would say it's a genuine 30% discount off the usual price ($1200ish) for a roundtrip fare between Calgary and Budapest.

This is also the first time I've ever seen a deal from Calgary to Budapest worth posting about.

It's pretty rare to ever see sub-$1000 prices between Calgary and Eastern Europe, never mind under $900. In fact, these days it's pretty rare to see sub-$1000 prices to *Western* Europe!

These fares are being offered on departures between October 16th and December 10th, 2014 and between December 25th and May 6th, 2015. Only certain dates in this range will have the lower fares.

In terms of weather and a good time to visit Hungary, I'd say the closer you can get to either end of the available date range (Oct 16 or May 6) - the better.

Here's how to find and book these fares...

1. As usual, you can start with a search using Google Flights Explore to browse the available dates...


Note: Google Flights Explore displays prices in $USD. And doesn't let you browse past February for some reason. Just skip ahead to exploring dates using Kayak if you're looking for March/April/early May dates.

2. Take the dates you found, and try a 3 day flexible date search on Kayak...

example search:


And then click through from Kayak to KLM or Air France's site to book.


3. Just go to KLM or Air France's websites directly, and book...

Air France

Some things to keep in mind

- It's usually possible to get a free extended stopover in Paris using Air France. Ditto for Amsterdam using KLM.

- This *IS* an advertised sale, and prices will go back up on August 21 at 11:59 PM EST.

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