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Tuesday, January 26th 2021

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The Flair Air Unlimited Flight Pass - is it a good deal ?

Flair Air

You may have seen that low cost carrier Flair Air is offering a travel pass that allows you to fly an unlimited number of times between February 13th and May 13th.

You can find the details at: https://flyflair.com/travel-info/go-travel-pass/

My thoughts:

1. The $699 pass is a much, much stronger deal than the $499 pass. The $699 pass includes luggage and weekends. Presumably, if you are going to make use of a pass like this, you're going to need some weekend dates. And it would only take about 3 trips with a checked bag to make up the $200 difference in luggage costs alone.

With Flair, carry-on bags are not included, so the $499 pass includes only a personal item.

2. Taxes and fees are not included. [sound of record player stopping abruptly]

Damn. This does change things a bit.

If taxes and fees were included, I would say that it would take you about 3 flights to break even with the $699 pass, depending on where you're flying to.

Annoyingly, the Flair Air website doesn't show you the breakdown of taxes & fees VS the base fare until you get well into the booking process. But on average, I would assume that about 30% of the total flight price will usually be taxes and fees.

For Calgary to Toronto, I would assume that you're likely to be paying at least $90 roundtrip in taxes and fees each time you fly.

Also keep in mind that many airlines do sneaky things with their taxes and fees. They aren't all truly 'taxes' that are consistent with the overall price of the fare. They can essentially shift the ratio of their base fare VS the taxes and fees at will, at any time. One day a fare could be $300 + $100 in taxes and fees, and another day the same fare could be $200 + $200 in taxes and fees.

Of course, that's not to say Flair will necessarily do that here once everyone has bought their pass.

3. Flight bookings are based on availability. Bookings must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Just something to consider.

4. There are 13 weekends between February 13th and May 13th, 2020. There is also a Friday the 13th in March. I'm not superstitious, but wow.

5. Flair has flights from Calgary to Vancouver, Abbotsford, Winnipeg and Toronto.

I mean, if you have family or a reason to visit one or more of these cities multiple times in the next 3 months, this pass can definitely be a great deal.

Especially if it's to Toronto, which is usually going to cost you a minimum of $300-$400 roundtrip each time. 3 or 4 flights with this pass and you're doing very well.

6. Flair is a low cost carrier with not that many planes, and without an abundance of flights each day. Similar to Swoop, if a flight gets delayed or cancelled, there's not much they can do to get you where you're going until the next flight becomes available.

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