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Sunday, September 25th 2022

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Huge fare war from Calgary to Amsterdam - $616 roundtrip after taxes - affecting fares up to May 2012

There's a huge fare war to Amsterdam (AMS) going on at the moment. You do see the occasional charter flight on Air Transat to Amsterdam that drops down to this level, but it's extremely rare to see nearly all the major airlines drop a price to Europe like this that affects such a large range of dates.

They look to have dropped the price of most flights that occur between now and mid-May 2012.

Here's how to find them...

1. Go to https://www.kayak.com

2. Do a 3 day flexible date search for a roundtrip flight from Calgary to Amsterdam that occurs between now and May 15, 2012.

3. The airlines involved in this fare war appear to be Air Canada, United/Continental, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and possibly others. Some of the flights have good routings, some don't.

What you want to do after your search on Kayak is click on the dropdown menu beside 'Sort' and choose 'Duration (short to long)'.

Next, you'll want to use the price slider on the left hand side and bring it down to $650 or so. Now you're looking at the fastest flights that are under $650 roundtrip after taxes.

Here's an example search in May 2012 to get you started:



Of course you can also use this as a 'gateway' flight to get somewhere else cheaply in Europe. Plenty of low-cost carriers have flights from Amsterdam.

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Calgary to Belize or Costa Rica - $634 roundtrip after taxes - throughout winter

United, American Airlines, Continental, and Delta just engaged in a serious fare war to Central America!

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Calgary to Taiwan - $752 roundtrip after tax

Update: August 5th - Amazingly, these cheap fares to Taiwan seem to still be kicking around. In fact, there seems to be some on Delta that are slightly cheaper. September 8 to 19 for example is down to $735...

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Calgary to Philadelphia - $456 roundtrip after tax, throughout the schedule

Anyone who's tried to book a flight to the eastern U.S. (New York, Philly, etc) lately knows that the days of sub $500 flights appear to be long gone. It's rare to even see them drop below $700 roundtrip after tax now.

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Calgarians might know someone in Houston who could use this

I know a lot of Calgarians deal with Houston a lot (having so many oil & gas companies there as well). You might want to pass this along to anyone you know in Houston, or maybe you'll find yourself there for work....

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FLIGHT DEAL: Calgary to Lima, Peru - $600 USD after taxes

Maybe it's because Machu Picchu is closed until at least April, but Continental has dropped their prices drastically on flights to Peru.

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